Board of Directors

Position 2018 - 2019 2017 - 2018
President Macey WytheMaceyMacey Wythe Macey Wythe
Vice-President Doug Hartwell George Haley
Treasurer Shelly Fitzgibbon Shelly Fitzgibbon
Secretary Tiffany McSorley Sharon Miller
Director of Coaching (DoC) Ron Hood Ron Hood
Assistant DoC

Recreational: Doug Hartwell; Competitive: Steve WytheRecreational: Doug Hartwell;Competitive: Steve Wythe

Recreational: Doug Hartwell; Competitive: Steve Wythe
Registrar Ron Hood Paul Miller
Referee Coordinator Ed Rush Ed Rush
Field & Equipment Coordinator Steve Wythe Steve Wythe 
Head Team Parent/Manager Bobby-Jo Woodward Bobby-Jo Woodward
Sponsorships Ron Hood George Haley
Volunteer Coordinator Shelly Fitzgibbon N/A
Special Events Coordinator Shelly Fitzgibbon Danielle Cappelli
Ways & Means Steve Wythe Steve Wythe
GYSA Commissioner, Asst. Commissioner Doug Hartwell Doug Hartwell
Fundraisers Ron Hood Shannon Allen
Communications Coordinator Bobby-Jo Woodward, Tiffany McSorley Sara Madden
Asst. Fields and Maintenance TBA Ron Hood, Doug Hartwell and Paul Miller
Members at Large

Shannon Allen, Morgan Hartwell



No title