Club Coaching Vocabulary

Most youth clubs offer soccer to players age 4-19.  Once players reach the soccer age of U9, different levels of play are often offered.  Players move throughout each level throughout their soccer career as well as experience different coaches.  Playing for a different coach benefits the players as they are forced to adapt to differing personalities, coaching methods, as well as communication methods.

We recommend the use of a common coaching vocabulary throughout each club to allow players to move from one level to another and one coach to another with out having to adapt to different soccer terminology.
At each age level we will introduce a group of terms that need to be used throughout the club.  This new list will build upon the group of terms the players have already been exposed to.


Push - Move towards the goal your team is attacking
Drop - Move towards the goal your team is defending
Shift - Move across the field closer to the ball
Dribble - Advance the ball with short kicks
Goal Side - Positioning body between the opponent and goal your team is defending
Recover - Get back in a position to help your team gain possession of the ball.
Splitting - A defender against two opponents
Each player needs to be introduced to the terms and concepts.  We do not expect all players to understand or master the terms, but by introducing the concepts with common terminology the player will be more prepared to learn in future soccer seasons.






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